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Sandy Robson & Sandgate Canoe Club

Sandy Robson is an adventurer, kayaker and inspiring guest speaker. Over five and a half years she undertook a 23000km sea kayak journey from Germany to Australia, retracing the historic 1930s voyage of a German kayaker, Oskar Speck.  This has to be one of the longest human-powered journeys of all time and Sandy shares the life-lessons learned along the way and explains the motivation and resilience required to reach your goals, the positivity & well-being generated from engaging in something bigger than yourself and describes her attempts at maintaining a sense of humour in times of adversity.  There is also reflection on key environmental challenges facing our marine eco-systems and a call for us all to take steps to 'be the change'.

Sandgate Canoe Club promote having fun with a paddle in your hand.  They have partnered with Sandy Robson to bring this public event to Brisbane for all paddlers, adventurers, people who love the outdoors, Sandy's expedition followers and anyone else who is interested.

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