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Sandy Leathem

SANDY LEATHEM founded and established her business 'MOVEMENT MATTERS' in 1964. Sandy Graduated as a Feldenkrais practitoner in 1990 and has worked continuously both internationally and locally - currently Geelong Surf Coast Region, Victoria.

Sandy is a highly experienced movement expert with a natural and inspirational style as a teacher and educator, drawing on over 50 years experience as a practicing registered Physiotherapist (specializing in Pediatrics and Rehabilitation), a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Longevity & Healthy Aging Consultant. 

Her common-sense approach taps the brain and body's natural ability to organically restore itself thru it's extraordinary capacity of neuroplasticity, to "Move Well, Feel Well & Live Well" ...

Sandy's passion and innate 'gift' is to reverse and prevent disabling habits and limitations, so making
"the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant"... MF 

Her wealth of experience enables her to identify the body's intelligent signs, signals and symptoms of stiffness, tension, tightness and pain long before they require serious surgical or medical intervention.

Over the years Sandy's own curiosity has led her to make 'life-changing' and 'mind-blowing' discoveries in the fields of cell function and brain neuroplasticity.
Through years of research she's acquired a deep understanding of the debilitating impact long term postural and movement related limitations, tension, tightniess and pain has on healthy cell biology and function and the brain's capacity to resolve unconscious limiting habits, both physical, mental and emotionalhidden in the 'subconscious mind'.

Recent, evidence based technologies and scientific breakthroughs not only validate the brilliance of Moshe Feldenkrais's work but also offer easy to access complimentary resources, which Sandy loves to share with those committed to optimal health, productivity and longevity.

Sandy is well loved for her playful easy manner and unique ability to inspire and empower others to move beyond who they know themselves to be, to discover and optimise their hidden and often believed 'lost movement' potential ... no matter age or stage in life!

Sandy Leathem

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