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As a registered nurse, Sandy has retired from full-time diabetes education after 12 years. She now has access to more potent products and methods that are having a much greater impact, enabling, empowering and liberating.


Sandy is clearly focused on helping people become their highest potential, inside and out, living life on their terms, fulfilling their purpose while enjoy a more liberated lifestyle. She has a number of tools and techniques to use in order to shift, reset, activate and optimise mindset, cellular health, energy and genetic expression. 


Sandy is super excited to share with people a new health approach and science called Nutrigenomics, which works beautifully alongside other plant medicines, nourishing real food, intentional movement, community culture, spiritual practice and contribution.


She enjoys helping people create whole life wellness within safe, happy and healthy homes.  

Sandy teaches why and how to ditch toxic and switch to safe and effective products.


Sandy's vision is for an integrated model of health care become mainstream - affordable, safe and effective wellness approach that empowers others to make informed decision, and take action with the support and facilitation of highly skilled and experienced practitioners and educators. 


Sandy has a passion for the infinite possibilities of using potent natural gene activators, authentic essential oils, and the power of the mind, to restore balance, vitality and vigour. Through various aromatic techniques, cellular activation and rejuvenation, reduced environmental, household and personal toxins and empowering positive change people's lives are being transformed.


She believes when we partner with Nature and allow God to guide us, 

together we can create a world of wellness, harmony and creativity.



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