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Samoa Victim Support Group Melbourne Inc

SVSG stands for Samoa Victim Support Group. SVSG was established in 2005 and the mission is to provide integrated, personalised, professional service to all survivors of crime.

The organisation was set up on a dream of a young, single lawyer who identified the difficulties faced by victims who do not have support from family members.  At the time here was no place of refuge and support for these victims. Ex-police officers and members of a criminal team came together to form SVSG mainly to be responsible for providing support and counselling for the victims.

Initially it was set up to care, support, and help victims of sexual crimes. SVSG saw after the first few cases it handled, that victims of other areas also sought to get help in which SVSG has now extended its arms to embrace victims in any area of need, whether it is domestic violence, harassment in the work place, victims of poverty, etc.

SVSG has seen past the pain, tears and heartache of many  victims, and brought out joy, confidence, belief in oneself and justice for those who in the past, have been brushed aside because they were without a voice to speak up for them. SVSG is taking a stand, and will continue to stand and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of many, for we believe that anyone and everyone can become a victim.


 We are currently the youngest of the SVSG Global Families, founded in 2014. The development arose from Sydney's Info-Session, which was held in Keilor Melbourne. This info session was organised purely to spread the word and in hope, create a sub-branch of the SVSG Family. Toilolo Talosaga Taulapapa took on this opportunity as he saw the need to spread the word further within the Melbourne Community. 


 SVSG Melbourne has since grown with more volunteers jumping onboard. Everyone has taken on the challenge of raising the awareness against violence and abuse on women and children. More Info sessions have been held, SVSG has been present at various Festivals and more and more people are conversing, particularly on how we can raise funds and assist. Melbourne has since taken on a project, one where we can primarily focus on. 


 This Project is to raise funds to build a house. This house will Shelter the abandoned and neglect Children with Special Needs, children who suffer from a mental illness and children who were neglected because they have (or were born) with a disability.

 This house will be named the "House Of Strength".


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