Samantha McIntyre

Sam has spent the last 10+ years working working predominantly as a CIO. Sam has worked across many environments - start-up businesses small and large organisations both public and private companies - globally.

Technologist, Digital disruptor and Transformational leader who strives to understand what Customers want and the problems that teams need to solve to deliver the highest value for Customers and the Company through technology.

Samantha has worked for nearly 30 years for the largest retailers and manufacturers in Australia, UK, Asia and America including Tesco, Coles and Woolworths.

Samantha is focused on building great cultures, teams and talent that deliver and transforms the work that organisations do! Sam recently launched Lady Leadership which is focused on helping women excel in there businesses and careers through mentoring and coaching.

She is also a podcaster - Lady Leadership with Sam McIntyre, mentor, coach and speaker. She has also launched her own beauty marketplace called Beautifinda with her partner.

Sam is also a mother of two boys and an avid horse rider. Sam is on the advisory board of One Roof.

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