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Sally A Curtis - Marketing Problem Solver

Are you an overwhelmed, frustrated mum in business? 

Sharing is my way to HELP mums just like me. 


Hi, I’m Sally & this is my way to HELP mums just like me. 


I am here now to share as much of my wisdom, skills, tools & stories to help Mums in Business.  I am all about simplicity (love all things Apple), saving time is my strongest driver.  So if I can share a tool, resources that give you more time to spend with your family or a new strategy to grow your business more efficiently then, my heart will sing.

If I can inspire you with stories on how to enrol your kids in your business & vision or inspire you to keep going, then again that is my goal.


If you're out of the startup phase then the next fastest way to grow is through simple Joint Ventures this is where my skills magnify.  So we can talk more about that too.


Have have started several of my own business from scratch, cos it sounded like a good idea at the time, Ive poured my heart into business, my blood, sweat, tears & tantrums & made it work.  I’ve done it with an 18 month old, who is now 11 & had fun along the way.


I am also a keen investor, through these eyes I look at business & people as an investment in our futures.  We decide, we keep an eye on the numbers, we make it happen, we grow great kids by leading by example.


My two favourite most favourite quotes are….

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. 

“Opportunities are a daily occurrence and often hidden in plain sight”. 


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