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Sales Training Melbourne

Whether you are the director of a large company or a start-up business, Sales Ethos can help you increase your sales. Our goal is to inspire you and your sales consultants to sell with integrity. Upon this foundation, our proven methods will create greater value for your clients and your company.


Sales Ethos, a Sales Training Company for the 21st Century

Sales Ethos is a sales training company based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded by Ben Lai in 2013, he disliked that many sales training companies were delivering highly condensed and theoretical content. This would lead to low retention and application, ultimately resulting in wasted training investment. Sales Ethos differentiates itself in three ways:


1. Sales Training from the Inside-Out

Your sales are a direct result of your inner world. If you don’t truly believe in the value of selling, your product, or yourself, you will never reach your full potential. Sales Ethos focuses on transforming the sales mindset from the inside-out. Rather than pushing products on people, our approach is to put the client’s interests first. Through the consultative selling process, you will learn how to sell on value rather than benefits or price. Knowing full well that selling is ethical and moral, you and your sales consultants will be able to sell with conviction.


2. Evidence-Based Sales Training

Nowadays, too many sales training companies base their techniques on anecdotes. While inspirational, they lack the integrity that evidence-based sales training can provide. As much as possible, Sales Ethos uses scientific journals and studies to substantiate its sales techniques. This way, you can rest assured that what is taught will actually increase your sales.


3. Sales Training You Will Remember and Use

While logistically convenient, intensive courses are unlikely to produce lasting results. Unless applied immediately, attendees will forget what they learned at an exponential rate. For this reason, Sales Ethos’ courses are reinforced regularly through seminars and coaching. In addition, we will provide you and your sales consultants action plans and sales processes that will ensure application of the training. Sales Ethos’ approach takes into account psychological principles such as adult learning, willpower, and discipline when designing its workbooks and sales tools.


Take Action

Your sales results will grow as fast as you and your consultants do. To start the sales training journey with us, contact us or evaluate your sales team’s performance (enter your details on the right) today!


Sales Ethos helps companies increase revenue through sales training in Melbourne. We achieve results through sales coachingcustomer service trainingsales management training, and sales process consultingBen Lai is a sales trainer and business coach in Melbourne, and offers public sales training courses in Melbourne.

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