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Sacred Heart of Spirit - Bronwyn Armstrong

Sacred Heart of Spirit - Bronwyn Armstrong

Organiser of Health Wellbeing & Spiritual Monthly Gatherings

I am Bronwyn Armstrong of Sacred Heart of Spirit and I organise and facillitate the Health, Wellbeing & Spiritual Monthly Gatherings. I have found that many people are struggling to understand all the different health, healing and wellness modalities and how to decide which ones are the best ones for them. 

THEREFORE I am bringing together a selection of inspirational people from the Sunshine Coast to share with you their knowledge, wisdom and 'how to's' of health, well-being and spiritual unfoldment - to educate and empower you.

SO THAT you can make changes for you and live a healthy, happy and contented life shedding all the unwanted baggage you may of carried for years,

AND EMBRACE THE NEW - new connections with other people, new understandings of what's possible and a new confidence in you!

About Bronwyn Armstrong of Sacred Heart of Spirit.

Through my body of work, which includes counselling, mentoring/coaching personal and spiritual development, articles, workshops, meditation cd’s, videos and educational programs, I have spent years bringing a more thorough understanding of life, self and attracting the relationships you so desire  to a great many people. The knowledge and wisdom I share has been derived from a combination of my own experience, my research, and direct communion with the spirit and the energetic world of possibility. Like all knowledge, even that which I understood several decades ago has evolved into a higher understanding. The pathways I share with you have been proven both by me and countless others around the planet. It is said that we teach what we’re learning, so I guess that makes me the ultimate student. Every day, new wisdom is added to my cache of knowledge and experience and I try diligently to share what I learn just as quickly as I can. I am not the only author/teacher/facilitator working in this arena, and I have discovered that the “guru” model is dead. Instead, those who feel inspired are each bringing to the fore what we have learned and the larger picture is incredibly exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing you!

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