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Rockingham Business Sundowners

RBS has a goal to Support Businesses through Networking and Social Events

Open to all in business, from home based, micro, small, medium and corporate, including managers, staff and owners.

EVERYONE is WELCOME who has a vested interest in supporting business in our district.

We welcome all business from Rockingham and the surrounding districts.

We acknowledge as well that coming to an event can be daunting the first time, and for us that is why we are pedantic about making sure everyone feels welcome and included. 



* Monthly Business Networking nights o.

* We hold Mastermind Groups

* Fortnightly Networking Breakfasts where you get to introduce your business at these breakfasts

* Occasional Breakfast seminars open to all RBS associates in which guest speakers will conduct a mini seminar on a product or service relevant to supporting your businesses.

* We will invite members to Business lunches, dinners and bbqs both organized by RBS or/and by others

* We will share with you seminars that are being operated in our district that may be of interest

* We will send out a monthly newsletter to our associates.



Sharyn and Carol do, but effectively our guide and mission is dictated by what you are associates want, being in business we know the pitfalls and success and we know that everything is pay and pay more.

We wanted to share with you an opportunity to be part of RBS without all the rules and regulations and restrictions.   Come along you will see for yourself.




Sharyn McCaskey

Co Director of

Mdvs Business Services


Carol Frieling

Co Director from

Urban Retreat Day Spa


We collectively have been in business for over 25 years. We have had successes and we have had failures. We have all been at one point on the executive of committees and understand business, business politics, rules, ideas in marketing, staffing issues and more.

During a lunch we realized that individually we had been approached on a number of occasions for guidance, support or mentoring. From this the idea of RBS 

RBS provides a forum in which you can freely

* share ideas about their business

* promote their business

* seek advice on what has worked for others and generally NETWORK

Our goal is to SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT OTHERS as we believe from Friendship come’s Business.



Where we all network together...



Linda Butler

Thanks Sharyn & Coral for inviting me tonight. This was my first time & I had a great time networking with so many lovely people. People were so nice and friendly. Look forward to the next one.


Nerisa Finau

Such a friendly bunch, especially for new people, they sure make you feel most welcome. Thanks Sharyn and the wonderful people who make up this group.


Lynnette Jakovich

It was fabulous attending your event today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and had a wonderful time, and met some lovely people.  My, just how much you learn about what is out there is so powerful, it is amazing. Would love to catch up to learn more

I can't wait for the next one.

Carol Toigo

Thanks! Sharyn and Carol, What a great networking event with Rockingham Business Sundowners...


Jenny Cronshaw

Thank you for a great evening with Rockingham Business Sundowners - the first of many lively meetings I am sure!!


Peter Kelly

So glad I ended up coming tonight great to know there is a lot of interest in my new business, the support and kindness of everyone there was outstanding. Seriously if anyone is interested in starting or has a business and is looking for like minded people to chat with should check these awesome people out!


Lea Satie

What a fantastic evening! I feel very lucky to have met such an array of amazing like minded people! Thank you to all and I'm sure you know who you are... I look forward to the next sundowners to further our chats and to get to know you further.


Rob Brown

I just want to say what a FANTASTIC time I had last night with Sharyn McCaskey and Carol Frieling and a bunch of other incredible business people at the Rockingham Business Sundowners Networking event. I love your passion and commitment, can't wait for the next one. I really appreciate you setting this up for us all...


Scotsman Business Solutions

We had a really great time at this event, cannot wait for the next.


Ed Abbotts

Just to let you know that I am pleased, I finally attended your business sundowners. It was a pleasure to meet you and Carol and some of your members who made me feel very welcome.

I look forward to catching up next month.


Graham Selden

Just a plug for last Monday's meeting for "What are others saying"

First timer at the RBS, that was first timer and not old timer, had a great time, thank you Nerisa for inviting me along. Great atmosphere, friendly people, and thanks to Sharyn and Carol for making it a fun time as well, looking forward to the next one and mingling more with different businesses.


Frank & Gerda Bartlett

Gerda & I had a lovely evening at our first sundowner and it was a breath of fresh air to meet so many people with positive attitudes and you can be rest assured that we will be attending all future sundowners. The CYC is a wonderful venue for both the sundowners and any breakfast/seminars that you may run in the future.  The breakfast was very good value and extremely delicious compliments to the chef/staff) and we certainly hope that you may have more in the future; definitely guaranteeing our attendance, Glen was a delight to listen to and extremely knowledgeable and my business partner and I will definitely be availing ourselves of his services in the very near future.  To sum up; all in all, you 2 ladies are running a very sound business club that is a pleasure to be a part of and I know that you will keep up the good work due to your attitudes and sense of humor and Gerda & I look forward to many hours of your company at future functions.

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