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Reef Watch SA (A program of Conservation Council SA).

Reef Watch is a multi-award winning citizen science program in which volunteers work with marine scientists to gather quality information that contributes to management of our marine environment.

In this unique and exciting program recreational divers and other volunteers gather data about the health of the oceans. Volunteer involvement develops community awareness about the state of marine ecosystems and triggers action for their protection.

We aim to gather and disseminate quality information on the status of our marine environment. We do this with the input of many of South Australia's top marine scientists and educators along with the help of hundreds of volunteers.

Reef Watch uses a PADI-accredited training program that provides recreational scuba divers with the necessary skills to gather valuable information about the marine environment. Intertidal volunteers also contribute to the growing body of information being used for the better management of human impacts on Australia's temperate reefs.

This information is used by Reef Watch to increase community awareness of marine environmental issues and is also available to government bodies, research institutions and schools.