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RedBalloon's Inspired Ideas Workshops

Join RedBalloon for our next round of Inspired Ideas Workshops in Sydney and Melbourne.

RedBalloon's Engagement Consultant, James Wright will share the insiders guide to developing, launching and managing a reward and recognition program in your organisation.

You will walk away knowing exactly what it takes to build an awarding winning recognition program and be armed with an action plan to make it happen.

RedBalloon For Corporate provides exciting reward and recognition solutions to ensure businesses keep their employees and customers motivated, rewarded and engaged.

We have learned that engagement is not an activity but a journey. We have done it many times before and with over 20 years combined experience we want to share our knowledge with our clients. We have a proven methodology and we can help deliver results to your employer brand and the bottom line.

To achieve employee engagement, the level of commitment from the employer and employee has to be equal. It is shaped by a number of factors including the role itself, the quality of work relationships, human resources and perceptions of the ethos and values of the organisation. It comes back to the one word – 'purpose'.

RedBalloon can help engage your people by:

  • Celebrating achievements
  • Building team cohesion and cooperation
  • Enhancing employer branding
  • Creating a fun workplace
  • Increasing loyalty

A RedBalloon program uses the unique power of experiences to reward employees with truly memorable and amazing experiences. We have worked with clients both large and small to deliver impactful reward and recognition programs and we can help make a difference to your organisation.

In 2009 RedBalloon came 9th behind Google in the BRW Top 50 Best Places to Work in Australia Study which was run by the Great Places to Work Institute, and in late 2008 RedBalloon was awarded an independent employee engagement score of 97% by Hewitt Associates. With the average for Australian businesses at 54%, it is our mission to help other organisations to motivate, reward and engage.

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