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Reconnect To Your Joy with Bex Rasmus

Reconnect to Your Joy is a heart-based project begun by me, Bex Rasmus.

Those who know me will say I'm a social butterfly who always sees the silver lining, the glass more than half full, and the joy and wonder in life.

That's partly because I always thought that the meaning of life was to FIND joy and happiness and fun.

I traveled, partied, studied, ate, drank, danced, sang, read, watched, asked, listened and looked for joy on every corner of the Earth.

I fell in love, got married, had a baby, made more friends, had more adventures, and found pleasure, happiness and fun in all of it.

AND got 'normal', boring, routine, quieter. I no longer found pleasure in small talk, alcohol, or constant busyness. I started looking harder to find pleasure...meditation, facebook, chocolate, retreats? It was fleeting. What now?

And then I realised that the joy I was searching for was already inside of me. Not only is it inside of me, it is MY GIFT.

Along with my smile, my kindness, my passion, my laugh, my intellect, my ability to connect with people. It is my gift and purpose to help others reconnect to their own true nature - their joy.




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