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RAW clay LAB

RAW Clay LAB is an experimental art project researching the creative potential of raw unfired clay and hybrid ceramics. RAW clay LAB artists are Helen Earl, Christina Frank, Kath Fries, Mike Hall, Michelle Perrett, Jayanto Tan and Suzanne Davey. RAW clay LAB develops new community partnerships between Eramboo Artist Environment, the Northern Beaches community and artists who work across various disciplines (ceramic, sculpture, fibre, installation, performance etc) and who have not worked together previously.

Over four sessions participants have researched the creative potential of unfired clay, conducted a series of material experiments, on site and in the studio, exchanged knowledge, developed and presented new experimental ceramic work in the Eramboo Art Gallery and grounds, and collaborated with the wider Northern Beaches community during an open weekend. The open weekend aims to connect diverse communities through tactile, hands on making experiences, highlighting the creative potential of collaborative clay experiences and to showcase clay as a sustainable and environmentally friendly art material.

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