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Rachael Henderson of the why group

Purpose + Passion + HIGH ENGAGEment = highly profitable growth cultures

Being an Aon Hewitt Award Winner no less than 5 times while working in an Australian Contact Center. I learnt firsthand the power, influence and importance of engagement. 

I often feel that Culture & Engagement is greatly misunderstood. Maybe because it's misrepresented. When referring to Culture & Engagement, this is from the frame of what structures do you have in place to support the mission of your Business for strategic growth, sustainable results which compound AND you are surrounded by people who get it, want it and are invested in your OUTCOMES.

★ Get the RIGHT TEAM around YOU!
Have the strategies to ensure those toxic rotten apples don't make it through the door. One bad apple easily spoils the barrel and cost your business a truck load in lost time, energy, resources, productivity and that equals profits and engagement down the drain.

★ Sustainable highly profitable growth culture
Bean bags, pizza and movie tickets are nice, and have their place. Yet that's candy floss BS filler stuff and not what builds high performing environments through connecting people with their heart and minds driving results. People want to be part of something special. It's how we are wired. And it takes more than a red wall, a blue bean bag or some vegan pizza.

Business is business and the game requires results to ensure we have earn't the right to stay, play and thrive. Having a specific diagnostic tailored to Your Business, Your Blueprint, Your Compass to continuously refer to, easily align the business when Purpose, Process or People start to verve off, helps you stay on track!

“Because the people, who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” ― Rob Siltanen

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