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Practical Intimacy

Hey there!

We’re Reece and Jodie. Real-life couple, relationship experts and intimacy coaches.

We started Practical Intimacy over 4 years ago with the mission to transform how people do relationships. Less fights, deeper intimacy. A thriving sex life, and a kick-ass connection.

Because we’re not taught how to make our relationships AMAZING. And that makes for a lot of loneliness and heart-break. We don’t want that for people! We’ve been there, and we know how much it hurts.

Before meeting and falling in love in the central Australian desert town of Alice Springs, we were both in struggling relationships. We thought we’d found our forever partners. But there was so much we didn’t know.

When those relationships eventually fell apart, we made a commitment to ourselves. If we’re going to give this love thing another shot, then we’re doing the work to make sure it lasts.

It was a decision that led us on a journey around the world - studying, practicing and learning everything we could about relationships and what makes them thrive.

So now we share that wisdom with singles and couples to help them create the kick-ass, awesome relationships they’ve always wanted.

Our fresh, down-to earth, practical approach to relationships, personal empowerment and intimacy has seen us work 1:1 with men, women and couples all over the world.

Reece works 1:1 with men helping them define ‘masculinity’ on their own terms, and creating a life of passion, purpose and sexual empowerment.

Jodie works 1:1 with women helping them to feel sexually empowered, magnetic, open to love and confident in every area of their life.

And together, we help couples bust through their biggest relationship challenges and create deeply fulfilling intimacy and thriving long-term connection.

Curious to learn more? Book a free Discovery Call with Reece, Jodie or both of us to find out how we can transform your life and/or your relationship.

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