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PoWWow Events

PowWow Events 

Real world social events that get you off your phone and into some serious fun


Let’s face it, today’s dating scene can be a bit of a minefield.


Our addiction to ‘busy’ means less time for real connections. Online dating can be fun, but it can also be a drainer. What happened to good old-fashioned conversation and – dare we say it – romance.


Our mission is to bring together likeminded singles in the real world, in a relaxed environment that allows great chat and real connections that are more than just a swipe left or right.


Here’s the scoop:


Some of us (yeah OK our mates) have been lucky enough to find a meaningful relationship online. Concrete statistics from online dating sites are strangely elusive, but everyone knows SOMEONE who met online and found their happy ever after, right?

Finding love online hits us where it hurts (in more ways than one).


We know that online dating is a drain on the pocket as well as our emotions. Without seeing a person face to face, or knowing them in the real world at all, we have to take a bet on going on a date and the necessary costs that go with it. 


With the average Australian first date costing $80 per person, and a quarter of us spending $100+ on preparing for a date (girls you know what we mean!), taking a punt on someone you know, week in and week out, just from a bit of online chat can start to seem, well, a bit overpriced.


And let’s not even talk about those dates that seem to go really well and then…our date disappears into oblivion faster than our end-of-the-night Maccas, leaving us feeling bruised and exhausted at the thought of doing it all again next time.

How can we help?


PowWow Events are a fun, relaxed way to meet likeminded singles in just one day or evening (one outfit, one blow wave, one night away from the gym/your mates/binge watching Netflix….). Think Wine Tours, Polo/Race Days, dinner parties, and parties.


Your hosts are women on all spectrums of the dating scene and from all walks of life. From Tinder lovers to never-mind-the-bullshit-chat-let’s-meet-up, to serial daters and married with kids – we’ve seen it all. We know not only what makes a great night out, but also what makes a great connection

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