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Pip McKay

Who is Pip McKay And
Why Should You Listen To Me?



Hi I’m Pip Mckay, well you have already read much of my story. In brief over the last 25 years, I have taught, personally coached and helped over 10, 000 people achieve major breakthroughs in every area of their lives … 

I am regarded as one of the most respected coaches and trainers in the personal development field. One of the reasons for my reputation is because I have pioneered revolutionary techniques in coaching and personal development including Matrix Therapies®, Matrix Coaching™ and Archetypal Coaching™. Matrix Therapies® has been taught through out Australia by leading coaching companies, as well as in UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand and China.

  • I have also been a pioneer in NLP developing and enhancing emotional clearing and empowerment techniques with in the field and ensuring standards by being a Co-Founder of the Australian Board of NLP.
  • I’ve personally trained some of Australia’s leading coaches, companies and entrepreneurs, such as: Australia’s youngest and most prolific author publishing 16 best selling books and CEO of Business Blueprint, Dale Beaumont, one of Australia’s richest men, multi-millionaire and past-president of the St Kilda Football Club Rod Buttress,
    world renowned speaker and trainer Lynda Dyer (who has shared the stage with Patch Adams and DiMartini) successful relationship coach and NLP Trainer Alice Haemmerle, outstanding executive coach and trainer Yvonne McIntosh, performance and Olympic Athlete coach, Carol Fox, outstanding personal trainer and coach, Leila Lutz,
    successful business couple and authors Stephen and Sharlene Licciardello and current Vice-Chair of the Australian Board of NLP, Lauren Harding and that is just to name a few.


Dale and Pip Crop.jpg*I studied with Pip McKay when I was just 19 years of age. She taught me about success mind set, communication and how to clear negative beliefs. These skills, which I have applied to the sales and marketing of my business have been extremely valuable to me and I still use them today. Personally ‘thank you’ Pip for everything you’ve done for me. And others, if you want to dramatically improve your results in business and in life, work with Pip McKay.”

Dale Beaumont, Founder of Business Blueprint and Author of 16 Best-Selling Books


  • I’ve been featured in the best-selling books Great Success Coaches Exposed and Millionaire Motivators. I have been interviewed on Australian and American TV and Radio. As well as in Magazines such as Australian Business News and Natural Health Magazine.


Book cover_New.jpgmmotivators_book.png


  • I have developed dozens of CDs and DVDs on a huge range of subject over the last 12 years of my business success. Here are just a few...




  • Finally, it’s worth mentioning that my experience is not limited to coaching alone. I have a BA Honours degree from New South Wales University for English and Drama and gained a Diploma of Education with Distinction where I was Dux at Sydney University and won the prestigeous PR Cole Memorial Prize for Excellence


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  • I am also an independent researcher, and you can be assured that there is plenty of intellectual rigor and science to back up all my proven trainings and techniques! I am also one of the very few people in coaching who has had a 20 year apprenticeship into Archetypes and their effect on Human Psychology, decision making and behaviour.

“The BEST trainer I've ever worked with . . .Excellent skills . . . never a slow or dull section. If I had this sooner my wealth would have increased five fold.”

Denis Preston, Business Strategist


“Why are you doing this seminar for just $97?”

Good question  . . .

In the last 25 years, after personally coaching and training over 10.000 people to achieving major breakthroughs in every area of their lives …

I have come to one BIG realization.

 99% of the time when people experience problems in their lives, it’s never because of ONE event or decision they made. Problems occur when people make a series of poor decisions over a period of time. Instead of finding and following their purpose they compensate, become fearful or just downright frustrated because they search but cannot find the answers.

 People don’t become unhappy overnight. It is one poor decision after another that accumulates over time before eventually they become dissatisfied, unfulfilled or even depressed. It’s the same with problems surrounding money, career, health and relationships.

 Successful people make better decisions, more often, than unsuccessful people do. It’s really that simple. The best quality decisions you can make are those based on knowing who you are and what you want. This is where knowing your passion and purpose is of prime importance.

So after years of coaching high-paying clients in private, one-on-one coaching sessions and in exclusive small group seminars I realized that I just had to get this information out to a larger audience.

I saw people going to other places and paying tens of thousands of dollars and not getting results.

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