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PICA - Property Investors Council of Australia


A Strong and United Voice for Property Investors


There are over 2 million property investors in Australia and this number grows every year. Until now there hasn’t been a dedicated membership association where property investors can come together, share knowledge and learn from one another and have a united voice when it comes to decisions that impact them.

The Property Investors Council of Australia (PICA) is a newly formed association set up to provide a single voice for the two million plus property investors in Australia. It is a pure not-for-profit association, run by property investors, for the interests of property investors.


PICA aims to advocate on behalf of property investors to government, industry, and consumers.


Our goal is to build PICA into a very large membership to advocate, build awareness and educate. 

Like it or not, property investors are being singled out and targeted by the government and regulators.

We’re being blamed for rising property prices in Australia. We’re being slugged higher mortgage interest rates. We’re facing potentially higher taxes as the government considers axing some property investment tax benefits. Pro-tenant policies are getting way out of hand. Excessive and unfair government regulations are putting our property investments at risk.

It’s time to unite and make our voices heard. It’s time we take action to ensure our property investments are protected now and into the future.


It’s time to make a stand.


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