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Perth Yoga for Everybody

"We acknowledge the people of the Noongar nation as traditional owners of the land and waters that we occupy, and honour the Elders and leaders of the past, present and future."


PERTH YOGA FOR EVERYBODY is a social yoga group for anyone wanting to learn or re-establish the foundations of their practice. We are a collective of Yoga teachers, students and organisers that have supported each other and practiced yoga together each week, since 2013.

Our mission is: "to improve the happiness and vitality of people in Australia, by providing affordable and accessible Yoga events and services."

Our classes are accessible to people of all levels of practice and progress in intensity as the week goes on. We have spare Yoga mats and can help you get familiarised with Yoga and make the experience as easy as possible for you to adopt.


All our Yoga classes are held OUTDOORS by the Swan River or in the Hills, located:

1) Sir James Mitchel Park, South Perth Foreshore
Location: Google Map Pin

2) Matilda Bay Reserve, Hackett Drive, Crawley (across from UWA - Thrs)
Location: Google Map Pin

3) Bells Rapids Waterpark, Cathedral Avenue, Brigadoon
Location: Google Map Pin


All year round, subject to weather:
Sunday - Ashtanga Primary Series @8am and 9.30am (75 mins)


1st October - 31st May* WEEKLY

Monday - **Foundations of Yoga (South Perth Foreshore) @5.30pm (60 mins)

Wednesday - **Twilight Hatha @5.30pm (60 mins)

Thursday - Yoga by the River (UWA) @8am (60 mins)


NEW WEBSITE BOOKING LINK - Our project has now escaped the booking fees and marketplace noise. Check out our website for even more offers and discounts!

*These classes may also run outside of season when the weather permits, and your safety is not compromised.

**6-week Beginner and intermediate courses are run at certain times in the year so please refer to the event dates these drop-in classesrun on, when booking. Our. 6-week (6hr) courses are $50 for the whole course and are listed seperatey here on Eventbrite and our website.

^Lake Claremont classes posponed until Oct 2020.


Our pricing is from $7-10 for advance yoga class bookings grabbing bulk purchase offers via our Website. Alternatively you can pay by optional donation if you are approved (by application form) for a concessionary rate as a student, senior or Centrelink recipient. Once approved you can attaining a Donation Member pricing plan via the following link:, then book for the classes you want to attend i advance by selecting the option to pay by pricing plan on the Booking page. We will issue certain multi-pass holders a printed Karma Card to use or gift on. An unlimited 6 or 12 month membership with us brings the cost down to an average of $2-$3 per class***.  Package deals are not redeemable at Yoga with Nanny and Yoga Trekking events as extra costs are built into those ticket prices but we always keep it affordable inline with our guiding values.

Ticket and Karma Card holders (that's our mutli-use pass or membership card) and approved Donation Members can reserve their spot via our Website or here on Meetup and donate or show payment confirmation on arrival. Priority at check-in is given to bookings that have paid first where spots are scarce.



Since starting as a small group, practicing Yoga together, we have grown to facilitate over 1400 Meetup events and have helped the supply and demand for Yoga in schools, hospitals and organisations in WA, doing it with great appreciation for the positive effect Yoga has had on our lives and the people's lives around us. Our instructors, learn and teach from an authentic place of wanting to share this discipline with you without the fuss or seriousness, and we love gathering twice a week and hanging out for coffee/tea afterwards.



We stop our busy lives for 75 minutes, tune into nature and become aware of the experience of the senses, re-energising and directing breathe and prana (or Qi/bio-electricity) through the body's energy systems that we might otherwise ignore. Our teachers are all traditionally trained Yoga teachers and were initiated in various parts of India, so our classes stick to the simplicity of enjoying the slow, conscientious exploration of Pathanjalis's alignment based asana and meditation practices. We love being open to embracing modern approaches to teaching and creating new ways to increase access to learning, but we don't take our selves too seriously, nor do we expect you to either!

Our classes take place by the Swan River in South Perth, overlooking the river and the city on a Sunday morning at the times listed above and on our Event Calendar here and on our Website. The grassed areas we use are shaded by large trees and we have sunscreen, mats, blocks, straps and blankets for you to use should you need them, on a first come first serve basis. Covering up with sunscreen before hand is encouraged for the way to and from our events.

We are there to guide you through class and offer you a safe place every week to relax and explore your Yoga practice in whatever way most lights you up. There is no obligation to conform to ideas or subscribe to any limiting cultures. You are free to challenge, judge and be present without expectation, as you always are. Diversity is respected and celebrated, effortlessly in our group and all are welcome to drop-in and drop-out freely. There is no discrimination made between male, female, LGBTIU specific classes. Children 7-17 years old can join in with their families at Saturday and Sunday events. The weekday events are 18 years old and over. Our class are beginner friendly, consistent in the way they challenge your development and operate for everybody at all levels. To learn more visit Information for Parents and Minors.



There are many different exercise fads in today's market but let's face it, Yoga has endured the test of time. It gives physical, mental and spiritual benefits to its students. With the stresses of modern life, Yoga provides the perfect escape from our increasingly complex, technologically driven lives. So why not come join us? We are a fun, approachable group and we have some of the best Yoga teachers and kind hearts in WA, gathering regularly. Each of us tag team as we run off into the country to work regionally on social projects with young people and those in our community here at home. We appreciate that people have different orientations and reasons for practising Yoga, whether for, exercise, self-inquiry or for psychological control and stress relief. We connect to expand our understanding an alignment to what you know to further our learning. Some of our classes conclude with a 10-15 minute Shavasana or yoga sleep (Yoga Nidra) so you can completely let go and rest to conclude your session.

Our Weather Cancellation & Refund Policy means you get notified at least 12 hours prior to the start of the event for all AM classes and by 8AM the same morning for all PM classes. This policy is what has made us the most organised and consistent outdoor yoga mob here in Western Australia, which is why our numbers have held over the years as our group classes have remained regular and reliable and we are proud of that as a thing that has come from joy.

We do not send out more than 1 monthly member email to subscribers and we never market to anyone under the age of 18 years old. Our teachers and officers all hold and display Working With Children's Cards to identify themselves as being listed on the Working With Children's Register, without you needing to inquire about this clearance. We work closely with youth workers and those that reach out to us for support to protect people that feel vulnerable.

We also have heaps of double passes and multi-use Karma Card pass offers that you can buy from your teacher or order online, which brings down the class price to as low as $2^ per class.  Visit our Pricing page for all details of our service offerings. (^Based on attending 3-4 classes a week for the duration of 12 month membership).



We no longer use WhatsApp, Facebook or Social Media data selling services to message you (as it is creating lots of mind noise for both you and us) so we have brought all our communications and booking systems in-house to actually be able to control and protect your data securely, as organisations are supposed to be doing. We will get your message and respond via email if we have you signed up with us, otherwise we cannot be sure of whether we are dealing with a legal adult or not or details like your surname which are important to identify you in class.

In instances that the weather is set to disrupt our event, we will notify you via the email provided on our data base so please ensure you engage us via our Website ( or sign the registration form so we know who you are and whether you are coming by reserving a spot in advance.

Details about how we go beyond what Australian law requires us to do to honor your Privacy rights are contained in our Privacy Policy.



You can pay by optional donation if you are approved (by application form) for a concessionary rate as a student, senior or Centrelink recipient. You can book online by attaining a Donation Member pricing plan via the following link:, then book for the class you want to attend by selecting the option to pay by pricing plan. Approved Donation Members can and need to then reserve their spot via our Website booking feature or here on Meetup and donate or show payment confirmation on arrival.



For detailed information and answers to commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQs page containing all the current online event booking links for advance reservations. We are constantly working on the technological aspects and evolution in how we operate and thank you for your patience and feedback to grow.

Should you want to share your experience and inspire others to get into Yoga, please help us to reach others by leaving us a review on Google, here

If you have any queries and want to get hold of one of us to chat, please feel free to email us at


Enjoy yoga

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