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Paula Ivy

The Image Therapist
Coach + Mentor 
Online Course Creator
Unprofessional Dancer
Full Time Traveller who is currently cartwheeling on every beach around Australia


Heeeyyy there babeh, I am Paula Ivy & I help you BEcome YOUr Own Photographer!

I teach you what I've learnt through my MANY years of photography training & experince & practice so that you can...

Capture YOU

Share your STORY

Connect to your TRUTH

Express who you BE

Live the life you KNOW you are here to live


...and SEE your own beauty.

My SELFography strategy is the art of capturing you. Where you become your own Photographer, Artist, Art & Muse.

I have create MANY online courses, bundles & digital booklets PLUS I also have my online MEography MEmbership, my Visual Vibes coaching program & my Rad6 private mentoring for high level rad AF peoples.

AND also my in person SELFography Workshops!! I LOVE working in the person with peeps & currently have worskhops running all over Austrealia as I travel with my Husbandino & 2 super cute mini babes in our caravan.

If you feel the call to work with me jump into one of my workshops or contact me for all the othert stuff 'n' things!!

x Paula x

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