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Patricia Kaziro

Combining her lifelong commitment to social justice and sustainable ecosystems, Patricia seeks to bridge the gap between what we know and what we can do when it comes to a new generation of changemakers who have grown up hearing about our climate crisis and social issues. Her intention is to help more people activate their values by helping them answer these questions: “How can I give back? How do I create change through my business? How can I make a difference?” In answering these questions herself, which led to many personal breakthroughs, Patricia has dedicated her life purpose to helping others learn about impact entrepreneurship, activating their values and living on purpose.

Today, Patricia is considered to be a leading business coach and mentor, impact entrepreneur and social innovator. Hundreds of people have completed her inspirational and educational workshops and events, coaching programs and courses. Patricia featured in a radio interview on 2SER in 2019 on women’s empowerment and she is an authority and thought leader on social and sustainability impact innovation and diversity and inclusion.

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