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OC FIT BABES exists to provide FITNESS related events that are FUN, positive, and uplifted. A great place to meet a FRIEND or bring one!


More Detailed Info:

An OC FIT BABE is a woman who is ANYWHERE in her fitness journey.


Whether it’s her first day or she is a leader of a fitness program.  

We hold events that are fun and inclusive to everyone. This is an effort to make everyone feel excited about fitness.  We partner with studios, various fitness programs, clothing companies, health food venues, and more to introduce you to places & and things that will ultimately BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU.  


So many times people will not come to workout at a gym, studio, or to a paid program but if a friend of one of their places invites a friend to a ‘fitness’ event where the focus is just on having fun and making friends then that friend is more likely to come.  Especially when it’s a FUN FREE PARTY! 


It’s from that place that positive friendships can be made, a fitness routine can begin, and the babe can start to feel excited about her new path. She can find her place where it just fits perfectly for HER.  We have Vegans, Paleo Babes, Tone It up Girls, BBG’s, Cyclists, Runners, Gym Goers, Yogis, Popsters, the Occasional Exerciser, the Couch Potatoes, and everything in between.  All ages too.  
Every babe is welcome! 


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