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Nyaree Lake

Hi There!!!

My name is Nyaree & I am the Owner & Operator of Ascents Awakening. 
I am a mother of 4 young children & we live on a farm. My husband works FIFO. I love all things from nature and try to live a very natural and WHOLEistic lifestyle for myself & my family. This is a journey and I am learning more everyday! 

I am passionate about teaching people, sharing information & helping people so they can make informed choices in all aspects on their life. 
 I am a doterra Wellness Advocate & Silver Leader & love sharing my passion for essential oils, whole foods, low toxic living & making your own products. In the future I hope to be growing much more of our own food too and learning how to live sustainably!

I believe that everyone has the birth right to feel amazing & live a happy healthy life full of vitality and joy! In today’s society we are often distracted from our purpose & become busy doing. We are bombarded with all sorts of stress (you can no longer escape it) – chemical, physical, emotional, financial, environmental & our bodies are overloaded & experience dis-ease. We all have the ability to heal ourselves if we can give our bodies the right conditions to return to balance. 

Doterra essential oils are the purest form of plant medicine available. I use the essential oils to remove chemicals from our home, support our physical, emotional & spiritual bodies & am creating financial abundance for my family & my team so that I can teach the next generation the knowledge that has been lost.


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