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NRG - Networking Referral Group / FinanceCorp

Tracey Franco is one of Perth’s leading businesswoman having spent the last 20 years working within the finance industry and having a very successful business of her own - FinanceCorp, which has an impressive portfolio of almost $400 million dollars’ worth of deals sealed.

As well as being a successful business woman, Tracey is also a respected author having published her own Book “Smart Money” which talks about effective finance strategies designed to help people set themselves up for the future.

Being a forward thinker and having a passion for helping others, Tracey then created          The NRG Group in February 2019.

Since its inception, NRG has fast become one of the most sought-after Networking Groups in Perth due largely to its success rate and commitment to their clients. NRG is not just another “Networking event” but rather a community of like-minded business owners who are passionate about helping others as well as creating leads for their business.

Tracey’s success is attributed to her strong financial awareness and business acumen, coupled with effective interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills. With all these skills in hand, Tracey is fast becoming the go to person in Perth when it comes to anything business orientated.

NRG continues to grow exponentially with more Perth businesses looking for a fresh approach to networking.

To find out more about NRG or if you would like to come and attend one of our monthly meetings please visit our website