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New Phenomena Pty Ltd

Why We Exist

We care about the condition of the world and people who are struggling as a function of it and recognise that while businesses and workspaces are part of the existing condition, entrepreneurs and business-owners play a major role in impacting the quality-of-life of people and societies, including themselves. 


In particular, we care about the struggles that small and medium-size businesses go through and the hopes, dreams fears and frustrations that are part of that unique and sometimes lonely journey.


We exist to give power to those people who want to make a difference- the entrepreneurs and business-owners. We are committed that the people who work for their businesses are performing in a way that brings out their latent leadership ability. We want the market impacted by a phenomenon in such a way that that they are present to something new and distinct from business-as-usual.


We are here to redesign how organisations do business in a way that is congruent to why they exist, curate a culture that allows for new realities to emerge, and to align and empower the individuals to fulfill on a common vision that inspires them. We make our clients win and make a difference to the quality of their everyday existence.

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