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Neural Organization Technique Australasia

Neural Organization Technique is a low force chiropractic technique which identifies and stimulates the reflexes of the autonomic nervous system.

The aim of Neural Organization Technique is to identify aberrant reflex systems and reorganize the function of the autonomic nervous system in relation to these fundamental survival systems.


The diagnostic method utilized in Neural Organization Technique can identify corrupt programs in the autonomic nervous system through a series of muscle testing protocols designed to assess how a person’s body responds to what Dr Carl Ferreri (founder) termed the “in relation to”  factors such as day/night , dark/light, posture, trauma etc. that occur at the time of injury.

The application of Neural Organization Technique uses integrated sacro-occipital and applied kinesiology principles to improve the function of the systems governed by the autonomic nervous system. Current researchers in the field of neuro science continue to emphasize the role of the autonomic system in health and with this understanding through Neural Organization Technique you also can be one of the thousands of NOT chiropractors worldwide that are achieving improved clinical results.

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