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Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC)

MILLIONS of 21st century children require orthodontic intervention and increasingly, often as a result of their own orthodontic experience, parents are insisting on earlier, non-invasive, more stable treatment options. During the last 25 years Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) has developed modern, innovative pre-orthodontic treatment to satisfy the demand of more than 5 million patients.

By changing poor myofunctional habits and encouraging correct natural facial development in children, MRC’s Myobrace System™ provides an opportunity for early orthodontic intervention without braces or extractions.

Rather than used fixed appliances to apply mechanical force and move teeth into position, The Myobrace System™ incorporates a removable Myobrace® appliance, worn for one hour each day and overnight, with a series of physical therapy activities for the face, completed daily.

With positive patient compliance, encouraged by MRC’s unique patient educational and motivational tools, The Myobrace System™ can achieve stable, easily reproducible and natural results while providing financial benefits for the practitioner and patient.


To find about about the latest developments from MRC take some time to watch this video:

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