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Myndstyle, is dedicated to inspiring growth and evolution in individuals. By tapping into decades of research from the science of happiness and well-being individuals will experience a positive shift in their Myndstyle to generate a thriving experience of life with engagement and a clear sense of purpose. Myndstyle envisages to develop flourishing lives and increased well-being in individuals, communities and society at large.




We support those looking for progression and advancement in who they are. We stand for, the potential and realisation of strengths and growth. We believe in real conversations and closing the gap between now and aspirations. We believe in the power of your capabilities and passions. We believe in progress and advancement in who you are. We believe in energy and vitality along the way. We believe in creating innovative ways to your growth and sustained positive change. We believe in using strengths to create engagement, happiness and flourishing. We believe in making a positive change in individuals, communities and society at large. We are Myndstyle.




Myndstyle was inspired by Women's Psychology, a Sydney-based psychological practice founded in 2008. Although designed to create a space to empower women, the theme was consistent, self-beating women, particularly during confronting times. Remarkable women regrettably silenced their inner strengths due to their relentless experiences.  Strong, capable women, obscured by their life challenges.

While many people believe they can achieve greater results by working hard to improve weaknesses, research continually shows that a strengths focus is far more effective.  Everyone has strengths. Not everyone is clear what their strengths are and how to capitalise on them.     

Research tells us that when we are using our strengths, we are happier, more confident, we have higher levels of energy and vitality, we are more resilient, engaged and more likely to achieve our goals quicker. We are flourishing, thriving and experience enhanced well-being.

Traditional psychology has focused on what is wrong with people. The positive psychology approach of Myndstyle is meant to complement, not to replace traditional psychology. It emphasises the importance of using the scientific method to determine how things go right.

Myndstyle delivers simple and practical solutions for your life context. We offer a thorough assessment of your personal goals and your unique strengths. Matching these in a such a way to allow you to achieve your goals quicker. We explore de-energising strengths and tap into unrealised strengths using an international world-leading tool, Strength Profile. We don't ignore weaknesses, but we look at how your strengths can compensate.

Myndstyle offers professional training based on the latest research in the field of positive psychology and the science of happiness and well-being.

Myndstyle offers you a real and distinctive conversation in a private space to reflect on where you are in life. The now of you and the future of you. A conversation and practical strategies supported by research in positive psychology that will transform you.




Exceptional leaders and thriving individuals recognise their strengths and know how to identify and cultivate it in others. Regrettably, our relentless daily life experiences can intrude and silence (or entirely obscure) the innate strengths we have. A strengths-based focus can help us discover or return to the path we can and should naturally be on in line with our life purpose, energising us while giving meaning to our experiences.


Research shows that those who play to their strengths:

 Have lower levels of stress

 More resilient

More likely to meet their goals quicker

More like to grow




Higher levels of confidence

Higher self-esteem

Higher energy and vitality


Discover your strengths today




Strengths Profile is a simple online assessment that offers in-depth insights. It assesses 60 strengths across three dimensions of energy, performance and use.

 You will learn about your unique profile of energising strengths, de-energising strengths that cause fatigue and burnout, weaknesses and discover the energy behind your unrealised strengths to create the flourishing life you want! Learn to be more aware of your passions and abilities while making conscious decisions to maximise your potential and achieve your goals quicker.

 This tool is effective if you want to learn more about yourself, have a goal you'd like to achieve but for whatever reason haven't, if you're at crossroads and not sure which direction to go, or feeling fatigued and burnt out.

 The Strength Profile can help you assess potential avenues for growth and development and move you away from de-energising depleting habits so that you can function to your potential and thrive.




Anyone interested in growth, advancement and development including professionals, students, parents, those who have unable to meet their goals for whatever reason or just feeling like you're not living to your potential.










Face to Face





Omnia El Mecery MAPS (Psychologist)

Accredited Strength Profile Practitioner

0450 679 781

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