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Mybusinessnow is a business growth training, business skills, coaching, consulting and strategising "hub".  Working with all businesses, identifying where the gaps area and providing them with skills, strategies and tools through training, support and peer group connection to give them every chance of success and real growth. 

With over 32 years experience in running successful businesses,
I have worked closely with thousands of SMEs around the country in support of their image, branding, marketing, as well as sales, service and staff recruitment and management.


Throughout my business focused career I now know what works well, what doesn't and what needs to be done. There are common themes, common oversights, and reoccurring lessons learnt that need to be shared. 


Mybusinessnow and Business360 is all about business growth, by attracting as many clients as possible, getting them back often and then referring others to do the same. 


Its not complicated, in fact simple - but if you don't know what you don't know, then the success you want, may never happen. 


So if you're ready to improve your business and ready to learn more - contact Erwin Brem at Mybusinessnow or Business360 at

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