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My 15 Minutes

About My 15 Minutes

'Busy' has become a competitive sport — and it’s a sport with no winners. Somewhere, underneath all of this hard slog, are the things we really want to do. The things that bring us joy and give our lives meaning. More often than not, the only thing stopping us getting on with those things is ourselves. Our lives don’t have to be as complicated as we make them …


Co-founders Emma Grey and Audrey Thomas have each been running successful small businesses since 2009, and together they created the popular and life-changing My 15 Minutes program in 2013. What started as a simple idea has evolved into a range of programs, workshops and coaching services to meet the needs of busy people - at work and at home.


About Our Book ... I Don't Have Time: 15-minute ways to shape a life you love

I Don’t Have Time explores the excuses we make that keep us from getting on with the things that really matter to us.


Using humour, anecdotes, research into productivity and our proven ‘My 15 Minutes’ exercises, this is a practical guide to ditching overwhelm and making progress in all the areas that matter most — our health and wellbeing, our careers, relationships, finances, home environments, personal development and recreation. It flips the notion that we need great swathes of time to get ahead with things, instead encouraging us to use the nooks and crannies in our day to achieve big things over time.


"This book spoke to me from the very first page. Finally, a time-management book for real people by real people. It was interesting and engaging with stories and anecdotes that made me laugh, cry and nod my head in agreement. If you only read one self-help book this year, make it this one."

                                                                                                                                Alison Abernethy

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