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Morgan Ræ

MxRS can be described a series, a performance, a story, a literary painting or simply art. The choice is yours to express in your unique way. We invite you to #takeme2MxRS and be monumental.

Our host, Morgan Ræ is in simplest terms, a disco ball - showing the world facets of her dimensionality through her wånderful world and way of living. Her magnetic and mystical dance across the globe electrifies creativity. Watch her Live! or on your home screen!

As a teacher, Morgan guides students, starting on digital media platforms, with 1-on-1 and group sessions to use their creative minds with their current resources as well as those resources naturally found outdoors, to envision and move into action to co-create a wånderful future and our new world.

She began her hospitality career by taking odd jobs for pocket change at a midwestern motel where her mother was working at the time. When her parents divorced, her relationship to the hotel changed as it became her home away from home. She spent most of her time in the hotel thus learning all there is to know behind the scenes that make it run seamlessly. Today, Morgan has spent over two decades of her life involved in all facets of hospitality. She is an established hospitality designer, restaurateur & cookbook author, as well as trained in back of house operations, retail management & guest services.

Known for her pop-up activations, hospitality Feng Shui, artist in residence projects and creative space design, hoteliers seek her expertise for operational and guest experience audits to see where they are missing the mark for the modern day traveler.

Morgan’s knowledge is influenced by her years working with hospitality royalty such as AvroKO & David Mexico Design Group. She has collaborated with worldwide recognized brands such as Kerzner’s Atlantis and One&Only Resorts, Westin, Sheraton, 11Howard, Fairmount, Foutainebleau, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas and hospitality focused residences such as Urby , Roam & BMW’s Mini Living.

Morgan has also participated in discussions on the New Age of Hospitality with SohoHouse & 1Hotels and frequently gives Feng Shui 101 to hotel brands like Nomade in Tulum. She also hosted a series of art classes with WåNDERFUL homies during 2020 to brighten isolation.

When she is off duty from bringing her magic to MxRS she is enjoying nature, museums and floating on the open seas gearing up for her world cruise before heading off to space.

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