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My passion lies in helping women achieve their goals of living with their bodies.  Connecting with their menstrual cycles, empowering them to be free of pain, birth their dreams, get pregnant, enjoy their pregnancy in fact I love to help women move towards whatever they wish to achieve in life physical or otherwise. I use a myriad of tools and love to share the knowledge I have.  Here is a little about the tools I use:

I remember practicing yoga back in my very early twenties when it was difficult to find a yoga instructor.  Going to classes gave me the physical outlet while also appealing to my spiritual aspect.  I always felt relaxed after the class and can remember this real sense of being a part of something wonderful.  When I moved to Brisbane at the end of 2000 I was introduced to Aikido, a form of defensive martial arts.   
Aikido gave me much grounding and showed me a disciplined form of mind, body and spirit connection.   While practicing Aikido I was re-introduced to yoga again.  I found the two practices blended perfectly, helping me through the difficult process of several unsuccessful rounds of fertility treatment.  

After 8 years I chose to stop practicing the physical aspects of Aikido and focused on its philosophy while I deepened my yoga practice.   In 2010 I completed my yoga teacher training with My Health Yoga. 
Since then I have taught corporate organisations, community classes, teen’s classes and kids classes.  As a registered yoga teacher I am required to attend professional development and from this I have found an interest in delving deeper into the core aspects of yoga for adults and children along with energy work, completing my psychosomatic therapy training.   With my Aikido background I find an affinity with the Japanese way of working with Ki (or energy) and have since studied a Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies and am also a Reiki practitioner.   While studying my Diploma I discovered Yin Yoga and obtained my Level 2 Yin Yoga teacher training with Jennifer Crescenzo in Melbourne. 

Having recently been through a life awakening period I have realised how powerful yoga, pranayama and the teachings of Aikido can be for keeping you present.  I will always consider myself a student on the path to conscious awareness, awakening and opening my heart to all possibility and hopefully being given the opportunity to share what I learn with you.

So if you have dreams to create the life you want, if you want to be free of physical pain, if you want to manage your emotions, relax more, connect with your passions, get pregnant, find relief in the discomforts of pregnancy, create a calm environment for your children then please connect with me.

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