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Michele Hansen

About Michele

Michele is the founder of Sanctuary of the Heart, and has over 20 years’ experience as a Naturopath, and practices Holistic Medicine, Kinesiology, Pilates, and specialises in integrating her knowledge with Medical Intuition.


By combining multi modalities of holistic practices and the ancient wisdom practice of medical intuition, Michele has helped thousands of clients safely and effectively restore their mental, emotional and spiritual health and recover from pain and disease over the last 20 years. 


If you are suffering with chronic pain, & diseases and having a difficult time understanding or processing your emotions, and making sense of where your headed in life, please reach out and contact Michele today for a free 15-minute complimentary call.


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What past students have to say:


“Amazing, insightful and wonderful course. I learnt how to let go of past fears and trauma’s that were holding me back from being my true authentic self. Michele is truly a wonderful and gifted teacher”. Amanda Wright, the Gut Health Specialist


“I learnt so much, Michele is truly amazing and now l am able to combine the learnings from the medical intuition course, with my physic skills and adapt a whole new style of advanced teachings and support for my clients in my practice”. Sarah Winterbine, Psychic Soul Coach.


“The healing session I received from Michele was more than amazing and enabled me to identify past relationship traumas that I thought I had dealt with to resurface. 

After releasing all the emotions, I felt a sense of peace and coming home. Ever since I have felt comfortable receiving money, my business has boomed!!! I am also attracting ease in my life which is blowing my mind!!! Thank you so much Michele. You are extremely gifted, intuitive and loving.”


“I highly recommend Michele if you wish for more connection with self and ease in life.” Much love Melonie Taylor, Success on Purpose.




Contact Michele today for more information.


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