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Melbourne Energy Institute

The Melbourne Energy Institute is an access point for industry, government and community groups seeking to work with leading researchers on innovative solutions in the following areas: new energy resources; developing new ways to harness renewable energy; more efficient ways to use energy; secure energy waste and frame optimal laws and regulation to achieve energy outcomes. The Melbourne Energy Institute brings together the work of over 150 researchers providing international leadership in energy research and delivering solutions to meet our future energy needs.

Grattan Institute

Grattan Institute is based in Melbourne, Australia, and was launched in 2009 with strong support from both the private and public sectors. It aims to focus on the important rather than the urgent. The things that could make a difference to the well-being of Australians over the long run, not distracted by three year electoral cycles.
Since launch, Grattan Institute has established a profile as a leader of independent analysis of Australian domestic public policy. We aim to influence both public discussion and senior decision-makers.
Our published work has added an independent, rigorous and practical voice to the national debate.  We are independent, taking the perspective of the Australian public interest rather than any interest group, and we avoid commissioned work to ensure this independence.  We are rigorous in obtaining the best available evidence from published work and collecting and analysing our own data. We are practical in articulating what governments should do to improve the lives of all Australians.
The Institute currently has programs in Cities, Energy, Productivity Growth and School Education, because these are amongst the biggest levers for making a difference to the lives of Australians. These research programs are supported by a public policy committee and reference groups involving experts from across the community.


















































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