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Melbourne Business Network

Melbourne Business Network (MBN) is the premier business networking association for the City of Melbourne. 
We operate in a very Melbourne way of connecting, communicating, conversing, sharing and supporting businesses to build meaningful business relationships.
The mission is to connect with you and your business and facilitate opportunities to connect with other enterprises, ranging from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to industry associations and educational institutions.
Members include a diverse range of sole operators, small and medium sized enterprises and corporate organisations, from a variety of different industries.



MBN offers a range of annual membership packages for individuals and businesses. A range of benefits are offered to help you connect and build relationships with business members who are just as passionate about succeeding in business as you.
Join today and discover the benefits of networking through the MBN.

Our Story 

MBN began in 1995 as the West End Business Association. 
With a focus on B2B communications and to incorporate the broader City of Melbourne business community, it became the Melbourne Business Network.
Over the years, MBN has successfully expanded its reach and influence throughout the business community and earned the reputation of being Melbourne's leading business to business association.
It operates under the not-for-profit Articles of Association and is led by a committee and managed by executive and administration officers.