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MeetMinds - the modern intellects dinner party for people who are bored of their friends

Want to eat delicious food? Meet interesting minds? Looking to expand your world-view?

Our monthly dinner series focuses on bridging the gap between the topics that dominate our minds, and finding interesting people to discuss these topics with.

Tired of boring your friends with the latest developments in AI, or perhaps your partner is fed up of hearing about poignant facts about your favourite band? We help you find your crew, to have dinner with, and to open your mind.


The rules:

- We set the restaurant and make the booking for you – we try to pick affordable yet interesting locations

- Minimum of 3 people must sign up before the dinner goes ahead, with a maximum of 4 (we find these numbers work the best for an intimate and stimulating conversation)

- Attend on your own, or with a friend  (fun fact: most people attend on their own to meet new people)

- One person will be nominated in advance as the "moderator" - moderators are there to contribute first and foremost, but will help nudge the topic back if it needs to (this is typially someone who has attended an event before)

- Tell us your feedback! We want to hear about your experience... How was the conversation, did you make new friends, should we add something to make the experience even better?

- Note: please tell us your dietary requirements in advance, so that we can accomodate for you.

We're currently based in Lisbon, but we are expanding our dinner series to London and New York.

If you're outside of these locations, and you're interested in hosting a dinner series, then please get in touch with us at


With love, MeetMinds team x


Past topics have included (and may come back in the near future)


- Anti-social media - We're becoming fatigued with social media, so what is next for the social media giants? –Lisbon, Portugal

- Anime, manga, and a Western love affair: what is it about Japanese art that has captivated us in the West? – Lisbon, Portugal

- The future of gaming: is VR done? And if so, what could the next generation of gaming look like? – Lisbon, Portugal

- The humans are dead... Should we regulate AI? – Lisbon, Portugal

- The National: What is it about this band that has hooked so many people? – Lisbon, Portugal

- Burnout: What could individuals, companies, and governments be doing to help us create a healthier relationship with our work? – Lisbon, Portugal

- The Good Place: I am in love with The Good Place and just want to talk about it with people who actually care –Lisbon, Portugal

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