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Meagan is one of Australia's fastest growing Rodan + Fields leaders. Meagan has worked hard all her life. She started out in legal and soon realised it wasn't for her, despite making life long friends within the industry.  She found her dream job working in Corporate Sports Marketing at a National Rugby League Club. She became frustrated & felt trapped that she couldn't be rewarded financially for her dedication, commitment and the long hours involved. She recalls many times having her boss explain to her that there is a bell curve that all salaries need to fit into and you are at the maximum. After many years and again making life-long friends there she found herself switching into the Pharmaceutical industry. The hours were less to what she was used to Meagan loved working for a Publicly listed International brand. The people were great, there was an abundance of opportunities, yet with every position or role came a glass ceiling. Meagan always found herself working too many hours and for someone else’s schedule or benefit. She knew that this could not be her way of life after having children.

Over the past 10 years Meagan has been running two businesses whilst raising her young boys. One business as a Marketing Consultant and the other was a Cake Decorating Business and also taught cake decorating. She slaved over cakes and had the pleasure of teaching adults and students to be the masters of their own creations! Inspiring them to start their own businesses and please others with their creations. In 2015 Meagan suffered a significant set back with a back injury. This injury stopped her abruptly and immediately made her question the viability of these business going forward. She was tied to the day to day work in each of them to generate income. During the first year of intensive rehab and some minor medical procedures she stumbled across an opportunity through a friend. It was an opportunity to work the same part time hours and still be there for her boys. The difference was this time the opportunity was much greater to become a true entrepreneur.

At first her business eyes were drawn to the low risk and low cost investment involved. Her husband is an Insolvency Professional and they see sad business stories all the time, so our research was diligent. The opportunity ticked lots of boxes, no bricks & mortar expenses or guarantees, a 60 day money back guarantee, clinically proven products, created by Stanford Trained Dermatologists who had took the world by storm with Proactive and then the icing on the cake was cost to pay staff or holding inventory. The business could continue to prosper without any additional capital investments. It was based on social marketing/media and ran through online purchasing. When Meaga saw the results of her friend’s skin she was drawn in and the desire to live a flexible life with professional fulfillment was at her fingertips.

Rodan + Fields has now been open for business in Australia for 6 months. Meagan is building a life-changing business both here and overseas. Changing customers skin for the better and changing income levels for so many everyday people. The opportunity allows a life to work when you want to and from where you like. There is no glass ceiling and the opportunity is plentiful.

Meagan would love to connect with like minded people who are interested to look into this opportunity. It might be for you!






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