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mBraining Academy International

Enrico Crosina Founder and Director of Be Your Leader Academy is a ‘Certified mBIT Master Trainer’ and a ‘Certified NLP Trainer’. He specialises in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Culture Change, Potential Development & Management, Evolutionary Change Leadership and is in growing international demand as mBIT Master Trainer and Coach in Australia and Europe.

Born in Venice, Italy, and now living in Australia since 2007, Enrico is one of the first and only six people in the world to achieve the accredited status of ‘mBIT Master Trainer’ in the innovative and groundbreaking field of Multiple Brains Integration Techniques ( mBIT ).

Enrico’s training and human abilities are rare, he is a remarkable communicator to audiences at any level. Through his own life’s experiences Enrico has developed a strong mindset, deep understanding and appreciation for life and empathy for people. He is qualified to speak about Emotional Intelligence, Evolving Consciousness and Evolutionary Change Leadership.

This combined with his insights into Emotional Intelligence, Potential Development and a natural leadership communication style making him a very unique trainer and speaker.

Enrico has a strong passion for making a difference and integrates deep spiritual principles in all of his work. He focuses on the development of full potential and spiritual consciousness within leaders and people from any walk of life for a greater wisdom in decision making and culture change.

Enrico and his son Giorgio, his wife Karen, and their two boys Kaylem and Nyren are live in Australia were he prefers to base his training and business from.

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