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Mary Ziegler - Changing Birth On Earth -

Mary Ziegler has a story as to why she has become so passionate and dedicated to teaching and inspiring women to take charge of their birth experience. You need to hear it!

Mary has attended over 1000 births both in hospital and at home and there are many stories to tell but the most important ones are how women birth with ease and grace, strength and love. These stories Mary is bringing to Mount Isa to show women the tools and techniques, beliefs and practices women have told her WORK! And she has witnessed them. Some of them are from HypnoBirthing, Birthing from Within, Calmbirth, Spiritual Birthing, Mindfulness in Birthing, Lamaze, Meditation and Relaxation, Spinning Babies, Active Childbirth and Yoga practices. She brings them all to Mount Isa for this 2 day workshop so you can learn the magic!

Mary's workshops are lively, challenging, fun, and full of love and passion for normal birth. She has expertise in the challenges of hospital births, and having a VBAC and informs you how to control, not fear, these. Her information is backed by evidenced based practice, research and nearly 40 years nursing and midwifery experience.

Mary has managed to pull the best from many of the best programs ( the ones women say work ) and is bringing them to you. Her one warning is "women must practice, practice, don't just read or hear about these tools and expect them to happen in birth -   it's like marathon training  - you don't rock up and expect your body to run 25 km.  You can't expect to kick ass in a hospital system if you don't prepare and practice and believe."

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