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Makeda is a talented psychic channel with gifts in mediumship and healing. With an ancestral background in shamanism, Makeda is able to uncover blocks that are stopping you from accessing your purpose. Makeda’s insightful readings provide clarity and a way forward regardless of your circumstance. Her professional delivery ensures that you leave with an understanding and more control over your life. Using numerology and tarot, she also specializes in relationships with others and self.

Makeda has been practicing professional as a Psychic Medium for over 10 years although she has always seen and spoken to spirit. Makeda is guided by her Ancestral grandmother who is of Xhosa decent. She carries a strong Shamanic lineage through both her maternal and paternal. She is able to recognize energy and patterns which is limiting to life. Makeda's readings focus on the present and potential futures that are determined by the choice of her client.

Her connection with spirit is so that loved ones may come to deliver messages, guides as well as your higher self. A published author, Makeda is a teacher by nature and has run spiritual heath and intuitive development classes.

Makeda is a qualified Tanspersonal Art therapist and uses this modality to assist with the continual self realisation of clients once the limitation has been recognized. Working side by side with the you, Makeda has a strong sense of duty of care and gently guides you back to yourself.

A message from Makeda: I know that what I do has an affect on everything in every way. It•s my job to help others see the relationships of soul and the affect of the material, emotional and the spiritual. How to find out who you are and assist in where you stand in the nature of things. So that you have further holistic understanding of your true being and what it is you have come here to achieve in this precious lifetime. Every single soul on this planet has the ability to tap into their full potential. With that comes healing but most importantly growth to assist in everyday life as well as relationships with others.

As a shamanic healer, Makeda uses a variety of techniques such as energetic shifting and balancing, sound toning and soul retrieval to assist clients who have been feeling off balanced and disassociated.
Shamanic sessions start at an hour and a half but can go as long as 4 hours – Dependant on the clients available time and the desired outcome.

Makeda has a belief in life long learning and is currently completing her Advanced Diploma in Shamanic Practice with SOTEMS. She will also, complete Diploma of Leadership and Expressive Arts this year.
Dedicated to her craft, Makeda is currently apprenticing as a Ceremonial Sweat Lodge Leader and is the SOTEMS NSW Secretary.




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