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Maggie Nolan Remedial Massage Therapist, Matwork and small equipment Pilates instructor

Hello, my name is Maggie Nolan, I am a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist with over 20 years experience and 12 months ago became a matwork/small equipment Pilates Instructor!

I am the owner of Time to Unwind, a quiet and relaxing clinic located on Anzac Avenue in Hillcrest.

My massage treatment room

Here's a little about myself....

I was introduced to massage when i was 18, where i completed a therapeutic massage certificate followed by a sports injury management certifcate then shortly after landed myself a job in the industry.  

As an 18 year old, the work was tough, so after 5 years i left the industry and gained experiences in other types of work i.e. Hospitality and administrative duties. 
Eventually, i decided to study again in the natural therapies industry, and in 2002 i studied, kinesiology, aromatherapy and reflexology as well as renewing my diploma in remedial massage.  

Since then i have been working in my chosen industry. Over the years, i have worked alongside Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, beauty therapist and Physiotherapist.  I have gained a wealth of knowledge not only in my chosen field, but in addition to different modalities and fields of treatment. This in turn has helped me to view my clients holistically and learn how l can work together with other modalites to get the best results that l can for each individual person.  In 2015 l completed a number of courses in dry needling and in 2016 l become a Pilates instructor, which has been great for my clients to assist with strength, flexibility and greater mobility. 
 Since deciding to branch out on my own 3 years ago and open my own clinic, i have been able to expand my knowledge and structure each individual treatment to suit the needs of my clients in my growing little clinic.  

The decision to expand my knowledge in the practice of Pialtes came to me when i decided I wanted to help my clients to understand their body's, to take control of why certain tightness or imbalances were happening in the body.

Pialtes became something that i thought would be perfect in allowing me to give my clients take home exercises to benefit them with core strength and stability, and also receiving regular remedial massage treatments so as to create a more well rouneded treatment plan each of my clients.

I have always been a phyically active person, and I have found that Pilates has been very benifical for me in combination to my daily exercise routines and massage treatments.

Pilates is a great way to improve your core stabilising muscles of the body. in the matwork Pilates,  you will learn how to activate your back and shoulder muscles, your lower back, your hips and glute (buttocks) muslces.

once your core stabilisers have been activated and isolated, i can progress the exercise to become more dynamic and functional with the use of small equipment such as the fitball, exercise bands and the pilates circle.

Pilates works on strengthening and toning the entire body. It is not a cardio workout, however is very effective form of exercise to help change your body shape,  by working your deeper muscle core stabilisers.

With my knowledge as a remedial massage therapist with over 20 years experience, i am able to look at imbalances in the body, so that i can aim to strengthen any muscles that may be weak, and stretch any muscles which may be tight. This gives you an all over workout as well as focusing on a relaxation and stretch sequence at the end of your Pilates session

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