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Lyndi Smith

Lyndi Smith is a human being, nature lover, meditation teacher and writer. Her main practice is “listening deeply” —listening to the nature outside of us, and the nature inside. These practices have helped her cultivate greater calm, compassion, connection and clarity in her own life. She teaches mindfulness and compassion live and online, with organisations like Mind With Heart and Mindfulness Works and regularly instructs at Heart Insight. Having trained in both secular and traditional mindfulness, she is qualified to teach many forms of meditation (BSY), including nature connection, qi gong and self-compassion (MSC). Feeling burnt out, she started practising thirteen years ago. Since then, she has racked up about 9,000 hours of practice, including a year of personal retreat and two years assisting others in their retreats. Now back in the city, she designs and facilitates mental wellbeing programmes for organisations like the Dept. of Education and Training, BHP, Brisbane City Council and WeWork. On weekends she loves escaping to the forest, hiking, listening deeply, chasing waterfalls and playing the flute for the trees, birds and mountains. She loves the Jinibara Garamngar lands of D'Aguilar National Park and is honoured to have been initiated into women's sacred lore by Grandmother Mulara, an Adnyamanthanha elder. She also deeply respects her Celtic ancestry and teachers from the Irish and Tibetan traditions. She is privileged to collaborate with like-hearted facilitators such as Merryl Simpson and Heart Earth Radiance, who also celebrate listening deeply and nature.