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Lotus Energies - Leanne James - Spirit-Ed™ Coach

Professional Counsellor

 - Majors in Abuse Counselling, Relationships & Conflict Resolution and Child Development

Certified Reiki Practitioner 

Certified Crystal Practitioner 

Domestic Abuse and Loss & Grief Survivor (Thriver)


Creator of Lotus Energies’ Crystal Gridding Boards and Activating Wands


Spirit-Ed™ Events


Presenter of “Be Your Own Superhero” and “Find your Point of Power”


Founder of Lotus Energies -- Workshop & Retreat Facilitator

Chemist, Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager

Studied Kinesiology, NLP, Hypnotherapy




#LotusEnergies (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, online)


* If you have stresses, illness, or belief limitations that stop you from getting what you want …
* If you don’t know what your life purpose is and feel anxious and restricted to achieve anything you want to have….
* If you have any kind of anxiety storming around inside your body, confusing your mind and getting in the way of happiness…
* If you are ‘stuck in the mud’ and don’t yet know how to Rise Above it?

​Our thoughts create the limits we have, the emotions we feel, and ultimately the life we live. We do it to ourselves.

Understanding energies within the body, the power of Attractive Thinking, and strategies to change the body-mind connection to gain happiness IS my goal, my passion and my offer to YOU

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