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Lisa Payton Creative Arts Studio

Artist Biography

One of Mandurah’s most innovative visual artists, Lisa Payton Creative Arts is developing and experimenting with a wide range of mixed media techniques to create inspirational and highly experimental techniques using Powertex The Fabric Hardner.

Powertex Fabric Hardener Information

What is Powertex?

Powertex is the new generation environmentally friendly water based and acid free, liquid textile hardener. Suitable for use with any porous material such as paper, fabrics, cardboard, air-drying clays, concrete, stone, ceramics, wood, dried flowers, plaster, etc

Combine your bits and pieces with a dab of creativity and mix well to create a beautiful sculpture or ornament that decorates your home decor or garden sculptures, or to create master pieces of art work, sculpture, jewellery and much more.

Powertex is a highly versatile product that makes most porous surfaces hard and weather resistant.


If you like to recycle then you will love POWERTEX. All those odds and ends that you have been storing up. Old clothes, unwanted manchester, scraps of wool, fabric, timber, paper, beads, mosaics. You name it and you can probably use it all to make mixed media art works and sculptures.


Preservation of memorable treasures such as your baby’s first shoes/feet or hand impressions, and what about their first clothes.

Powertex is available in ten colours and 3 sizes, 500g, 1 litre & 5 litre

Ivory, Terracotta, Red, Blue, Bluish-Grey, Black, Yellow Ochre, Transparent, Bronze, Black

 Powertex Comes in ten different colours

 How Does Powertex Work?

 Powertex is a liquid medium, ready to use out of the bottle. Items can be dipped, sprayed, or painted directly into Powertex or brushed on. Once applied, Powertex begins to dry but will remain flexible. While it is in this flexible state, Powertex can be draped, folded, pleated and manipulated

in countless ways. Once the treated item has been cured, it will be hard and durable for hours, depending on room temperature.

 Outside Statues

 Whilst Powertex is weather resistant placing your artwork outside will need varnishing. Coat your project with Easy Varnish which is also a water repellent and will provide extra protection against the elements.

 If you used any paint for highlighting your statue, you must seal this with varnish as the paint will not be weatherproof. For added protection apply at least two coats of a good quality exterior Marine or “spar” varnish.

 It takes around 2 weeks for the Powertex to cure so do not apply varnish or leave outside until the Powertex has had a chance to dry and harden. Transparent Powertex medium does not have any protective coating and will need to be covered with an exterior or marine varnish.

 Creating your own Coloured Powertex:

It is easy to create your own colours by using Power color pigment powders:

Before adding the pigment to Transparent Powertex, add a little water to the powder and stir until you have achieved a smooth paste-like consistency.

Stir the paste slowly into the transparent Powertex, and mix well. You will generally need approx. 1 jar of the Power Color Pigment (40ml) for 1kg of Powertex.


Stir/Mix well before using

• Clean tools and hands well, with warm soapy water after use.

• Protect your clothes and REMOVE JEWELLERY, as once Powertex hardens it may be impossible to remove.

• Powertex does not mould.

• 100% Natural fibres work best. Test a sample before starting your main work and if the fabric sticks to itself, it should work well. Natural fibres will cure harder than unnatural fibres.

You may paint your Powertex project with oil, acrylic, latex or PowerColor, once it is dry or while it is drying depending upon the desired result.

• Powertex does not adhere to plastic, but you may overcome this by covering the plastic item with masking tape.

• Store Powertex frost free (do not store or transport below 0o Celsius)

• Minimum working temperature for Powertex is 10o Celsius

• After Powertex is cured the temperature does not affect finished product.



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