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Linda McCall -Internationally Certified Master NLP Coach

In 2012 after 17 years of commercial, corporate and private aviation, I decided to take a retrenchment package from my First Class Flight Attendant role at Qantas International.

Not an easy decision as it was fun gallivanting around the world. The job was exciting & easy, and the lifestyle unique. However now I'm free, and my life is even MORE than I ever imagined. No more uniforms, no more jet lag, no more stuffy, airless cabins.

For me, transition and change came all of a sudden, without warning.

I was on leave when I got word from a colleague of 'The Package' being offered. But I only had 24 hours before it closed. You know, I jumped at it! Not knowing what I'd do but I took a leap of faith and literally never went back to the airline. To help me cope with the sudden change I used a Mindset Coach to assist me with my transition and to help me figure out what I'd do.

Now, two years on, as a Master Coach and Practitioner in NLP, I love life helping others create their ideal lives.  Having trained in the US with the world's top experts (Dr Tad & Adriana James of The Tad James Co.) I have created a specialist NLP coaching program to help people like you to easily transition onto the next great most excellent adventure & purpose in your life.

Adventure comes naturally to me. I grew up in an aboriginal community in Outback Australia, joined the Australian Air Force, lived in Hong Kong & worked for a Prince in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  At 40-something I've learned to fly a light plane and hot air balloon. I've ridden a motorcycle to Cape York and solo across the USA.  My health is a lot better too. To top it off I've now got an amazing group of clients, friends and fellow entrepreneurs around the world who live unique global lives. I'm living more than the life I ever dreamed of, and it just keeps getting better.

If adventure & purpose is what you're dreaming of too then, I'd love to see you join that group and fly to your highest potential. Call +61 422 334 745 TODAY to get started !

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