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Hi! We're Damian and Angela and we work together to bring projects of Hope and Love during these times of transition for the planet. We are married and raising our two beautiful boys on the stunning Gold Coast of Australia. We moved here over 3 years ago and have quickly adjusted to year round sun and sand. I couldn't imagine being in a better place to bring up two boisterous kids and enjoy the calming influence of the amazing ocean. Stunning beaches are just a few minutes from our house and where we hang out most weekends. When we're not at the skateboard parks! Back inland the other way we have the stunning Gold Coast hinterland and rain forests: Truly the best of all worlds. We are blessed to be living here. We know that we as a planet are moving into a New Era and with the help of Angela's Spirit Guides, we aim to bring opportunities for all people to discover a deeper awareness and understanding of the magic of these times. We know it might seem like the world is descending into chaos, but that's just on the surface level - what's really going on is a wonderful rebirthing into a new époque for humanity. We come from a background of healing and healers of all kinds and bring our past histories (business, journalism, teaching and coaching) to aid us in our work now. And our hope is that everything we do - the events we plan, the conversations with Spirit, the books, the coaching - everything works together to move us through this time of change with speed, ease and grace. We would love to get in touch with you so drop us a line. With Love.




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