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Lifelong Leaders

Lifelong Leaders is a team of expert Leaders with extensive experience in passing on their knowledge in conferences, training workshops, and mentoring/coaching relationships.

We exist to improve leaders from all walks of life, working both with the leaders own mind and heart - their internal world - and their outward effectiveness - their external world. When both grow, the leader has internal peace and strength, and a sense of satisfaction in seeing reward for their efforts.

We offer workshops, keynote addresses, mentoring/coaching, counselling, and training designed to maximise your success.

We find joy in serving others, helping people and organisations discover their full potential, and living life in all its fullness.

The Lifelong Leaders team:
Chris Mann - Director, Lutheran pastor, leadership speaker, trainer, and coach
Sam Hancock - Salvation Army church planter, mentor, regular conference speaker
Anna Doecke - Inspiring Educator at Evocca College, counsellor and trainer at JOURNEEZ
Catherine Logue - Director of Training for Learning Co, Former President of AITD
Bill Broughton - Hollywood composer, motivational speaker


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