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Life Skills Group

Life Skills Group programs are evidence based and underpin by modern research in Mindfulness, HPE, Positive Psychology, SEL and Wellbeing science. Students are supported to develop a skill set that is essential for lifelong learning helping to build resilience, growth mindset, and respect for the physical body. These three areas are integral to a flourishing life (Keyes, 2007). Young people are being educated in a world that is ever changing, we understand that critical thinking is becoming increasingly important. It is also known that the pinnacle of critical thinking comes from understanding one's self in a way that allows you to use strengths to harness new ideas. At the core of all key educational frameworks is positive student wellbeing.

If we build our students from a base whereby they understand and can access these skills, we set them up to think creatively and critically in order to build a flourishing world (Seligman, 2012).

These programs are designed to develop these skills, and have students experientially develop and practice in order to use their wellbeing toolkitin their everyday life circumstances. The programs draws upon Seligman’s theory of PERMAH which incorporates positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment and health as well as the SEL framework and mindfulness.

As educators it is our role to build the capacity for holistic education for each child, to nurture our young people to flourish. The applications of well-being are supported by the very foundations of the Australian curriculum, and this program is designed to nurture schools through the process and journey of providing the best opportunities for our future generations.

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