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Life a Meditation

Santosh Nambiar  is the Founder of Life a Meditation and author of many books including A New Way of Living ( Balboa, HAY HOUSE publishing), Taking your life from Mediocrity to creativity, Intellect vs Intelligence & Life a Meditation. His latest book is " In between thoughts".

Santosh has held workshops, seminars, and talks worldwide about:

  • Mind Chatter - Root cause, consequence and a way out. 
  • Taming a busy mind. 
  • Mindfulness made simple.
  • Realising who you truly are beyond the mind conceived identity
  •  How to free ourselves from the mind conceived conditioning that keeps us trapped in our own prison.

He has a background in Molecular Biology and has a MBA from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.

Santosh is the founder and MD  of Assay Matrix Pty Ltd, a Biotech company  (based in Melbourne, Australia ) which supports the Life Science Research towards finding a cure for diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and many other diseases. 

Santosh is a co-founder of Consciouslivingoz. 

Santosh is also a registered meditation teacher from the Meditation Association of Australia.
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