Leo Le Education


Why Leo Le Education?

  • The number one agent in regional areas.
  • We provide well-rounded services for international students moving to regional areas at ease.
  • We solve major problems for international students in regional areas including but not limited to lack of jobs, lack of income, lack of relevant experience in their field.
  • Our CEO has gone through the entire process of getting visa in regional areas himself. So, he understands exactly what students moving to regional areas need.

Our services:

1. Admission to regional areas.

  • Choosing the best courses to study in regional areas based on each students’ circumstances.
  • Change course, change providers from metropolitan cities to regional areas

2. Migration to regional areas.

  • Applying for all regional visas including 491,494,191,489,887 etc.
  • Partner Visas and many more

3. Finding jobs in regional areas.

  • Internship programs in Sales, Marketing etc.
  • Crash courses
  • Job Coaching sessions

4. Recognition Prior Learning

  • Convert your working experience into Australia qualification.

5. Joint Venture